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Silver vs. White Fillings

Silver vs. White Fillings
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Reasons To Consider Denture Implants

You might be familiar with denture implants, but have you ever wondered why an implant is a better option for many patients over another replacement tooth procedure?
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How To Improve Crooked Teeth

Many of our patients come to us wanting to improve the alignment of their teeth, but they don’t want to wear braces. If this sounds like you, we’ve got great news! You, too, can experience straighter teeth without having to go months or years waiting on braces to correct your teeth.
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Top Benefits of Getting Dentures

At Patrick Toms DMD, we understand that no one likes to be missing teeth. Not only does it affect your smile, but it also affects the foods you can enjoy. For these reasons, we’ve made it our mission to offer quality dentures at affordable prices. But what’s even more exciting is that our patients enjoy an array of benefits after getting their new dentures.
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