Implant Dentistry

At Patrick Toms DMD we understand that many problems arise when you are missing teeth. Not only is your smile affected, but your speech, chewing ability and even facial appearance can be hindered drastically.

As a dental implant dentist, Dr. Toms has received extensive training to help restore the functionality and aesthetics of people's teeth across Gainesville and North Georgia. Our dental implant services include:

Dr. Toms utilizes the latest technology to help create natural looking smiles for your specific needs. Through individual consulatations, our dentists and staff will determine the type of implants you need and then schedule convenient appointments for you that will get the dental work completed in a timely fashion.

You'll be on the way to a fresh new smile in no time.

Schedule an appointment to discover how implants can help restore your teeth. We look forward to hearing from you soon! Please contact us to learn more.