Dental Implant Procedure

Whether you are considering full dentures or a single-tooth replacement, dental implants provide durable, safely secured options for patients. At Patrick Toms DMD, we offer a 3-step surgical procedure for people who want to utilize dental implants for their teeth-replacement options.

1. Placement of the implant
Tooth implants, resembling screws or cylinders, will be placed in your jawbone at the necessary spots. Over several months, each implant will replace the natural roots of your tooth and integrate into the bone to create a strong anchor for the tooth replacement dental device. A temporary tooth replacement may be placed over each implant site to disguise the implants during this integration period.

2. Attachment of the abutment
Once the implants have integrated into the jawbone, an abutment, which is an extension resembling a small metal post, is placed on the end of each implant. Once the procedure is complete, the gums are allowed to heal for several weeks.

3. Securing of the replacement teeth
Our dentists will customize your tooth replacement option - whether a single toothdenture or bridge, and securely attach them to your implants.  

For more information on our dental implant surgery might be a great option for you, please contact us.