Snoring Remedies

Millions of Americans deal with snoring every night. Between cheap, “quick-fix” remedies to expensive surgeries and therapies, more and more Americans need a comprehensive solution for their snoring problem. In addition to disrupting sleep cycles, snoring can also result in heightened blood pressure, due to the restricted airway. For this reason, many individuals seek out snoring remedies to eliminate this noisy breathing. 

Snoring Treatment Options

At Patrick Toms DMD, we believe in providing a snoring cure that targets the actual cause of the snoring noise. Snoring is caused when the muscles and soft tissues inside the mouth and throat relax. This relaxation narrows a person’s airway, which subsequently increases the velocity of airflow each time a person breathes. As this velocity increases, soft tissues like the soft palate and uvula vibrate, resulting in the common snoring noise.

Silent Nite

The Silent Nite® dental device is what we commonly recommend for our patients who need a more restful nights sleep. This oral device therapy can be used alone or in conjuction with other treatments.  This oral appliance is worn in a patient’s mouth while sleeping and keeps his/her airway open. As a result, patients enjoy a more restful night’s sleep that is free from disruptive snoring.

Our Silent Nite® works by readjusting the lower jaw into a forward position that subsequently increases space in a person’s airway. Air velocity is decreased, and soft tissue vibrations are reduced.

Custom-designed upper and lower forms fit comfortably into a person’s mouth and permit small movements of the jaw so that uninhibited breathing can occur. 

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