Holiday Healthy Teeth Tips for December

‘Tis the most wonderful time of the year! Patrick Toms DMD wishes everyone a happy holiday and to celebrate the season we’ve compiled a list of tips to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Start with your toothbrush

One of the foundations to a healthy mouth is a well-kept toothbrush. A worn down toothbrush with frayed bristles will do a poor job at cleaning your teeth. The best practice is to examine your toothbrush every once and a while, especially after two months of use, to see if the bristles are damaged.  

Embrace the art of flossing         

Toothbrushes are great, but they can’t reach those tough to reach places between your teeth. This is a job for your floss. Always make sure to curve the floss around the base of each tooth and to reach below the gum line. This is the best way to remove the bits of gingerbread cookie you just ate!

Watch out for holiday snacks

Sweets are ingrained into the holiday season. We understand the temptation and its fine to indulge every once and a while but remember the toll that cookies and cake can have on your teeth! A good practice to keep in mind when you do eat a sugary snack is to take a swig of water. It’s a great way to prevent the sugar from sticking to your teeth.

Teeth aren’t scissors

Think twice before you open that gift with your pearly whites. Teeth are great for breaking down food but they’re limits are tested when it comes to tearing open a package. This type of stress can cause teeth to wear down and eventually crack. Keep a pair of scissors close by in these occasions and your teeth will thank you!

Don’t forget to checkup

The season of gift giving is stressful and often times chaotic. In the midst of all of the events happening, remember to give your teeth a break by having them cleaned! We’re here to help you set up an appointment, contact us today!

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